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Author: Pernille Body Bike


Vi står klar på forårets største cykelmesse, Copenhagen bike show i Øksnehallen d. 25. og 26. Marts.

Mød os på stand 8 hvor du kan se og prøve vores elektriske ladcykler til både private og erhverv. Vi har alle vores nyeste modeller med på messen.


Kort om Copenhagen bike show:
– Skandinaviens største cykelmesse med mere end 120 udstillere
– Stort udvalg af brands fra ind- og udland
– Inspirerende foredrag og oplæg
– blot 100 meter fra hovedbanegården


Lørdag d. 25. marts kl. 10-16
Søndag d. 26. marts kl. 10-16


Find os på stand 8 og læs mere om eventet her:

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We’re proud to announce the launch of BBCARGO Easy Rider.

It’s been 8 months since we launched BBCARGO and we are now ready to introduce our second cargo bike model.

The BBCARGO Easy Rider is similar to our flagship model, the Flex Rider, in most ways but has one key difference.

The bike frame is fully welded into one piece and the result is an incredibly strong and stable bike.

It is ideal for the continuous heavy load. The Easy Rider is made for transporting heavy cargo all day, every day.


Just like the BBCARGO Flex Rider, the new model has a payload of 150 kg on the cargo area and a range of up to 40 kilometres.

The BBCARGO Easy Rider has all the original cargo features as the Flex Rider and can of course be branded with your company logo.

Dreaming of a BBCARGO but not sure what to choose? Get in touch and let us help you out!


We proudly present the BBCRGO x Nimand coffee cargo bike.

In collaboration with Nimand A/S, we’ve developed a state-of-the-art coffee bike, serving piping hot coffee on the go. Let us introduce BBCARGO Model SHOP.

Nimand A/S has since 1987 been delivering beverage solutions to businesses but has now endeavoured on a sustainable path with BBCARGO as their new distribution platform for exhibitions and shows.

The shop module provided Nimand A/S with all the necessities for running the coffee machines and stockpiling the beans, filters and cups.

With two custom cup dispensers added to the cargo box, everything is easy to access for Nimand A/S when on a show.

Check out the Nimand Coffee bike here

Let us help you with a customized BBCARGO, tailored to your sustainable business! Get in touch here

Or get inspiration for your business BBCARGO here




The 15 custom-branded BBCARGOs will be roaming the streets in Copenhagen and Århus, delivering groceries to locals.

Gorillas are an urban grocery delivery service that just entered the market in Copenhagen and Århus.

Their credo is, that they can deliver faster than you, and with a brand-new fleet of heavy-duty BBCARGOs, this is their goal.

Gorillas chose the BBCARGO model VOLUME, because of the capacity of the cargo box holding up to 336 liters of cargo.

The custom-branded box design ensures that Gorillas will get noticed in the streets.

Are you interested in a BBCARGO for your business? Have a look here.

Curious about how your brand would look on a BBCARGO? Get in touch here.



Look out for our new shop module!

The shop module is an addon lid for the BBCARGO box and features quick access compartments for all the little bits and pieces needed when running a business on the go.

The module is fitted with access to power outlets in the box making it possible to run appliances or computers on the go. We’ve also installed a parasol adaptor offering a bit of shade when parked.

The shop module makes it easy and convenient to move your product in a sustainable way.

Just like everything else on the BBCARGO the shop module is developed and produced right here in Denmark.

Sustainability is at the heart of our brand values, shipping things thousands of miles from overseas is just not in our codec of production.

Our bike is 100% sustainable, and now, you can build your business on a sustainable platform with BBCARGO.

Start your sustainable business journey here



We are happy to announce our partnership with JOOLL

The BBCARGO is now available for leasing via JOOLL.

JOOLL = Your Company Bike.

JOOLL made it easy for businesses and their employers to choose a sustainable alternative to the company car.

The lease includes;

  • full-service contract
  • full insurance
  • no down payment
  • Switch, buy or stop your lease after 36 months
  • Nationwide delivery

Included in the leasing price is also a service agreement and annual checks, as well as the possibility of exchange-for-new after 36 months.

Get your BBCARGO via JOOLL Business Cargo here