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Regular service is key

Regular servicing of the BBCARGO is essential to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. As with any mode of transportation, wear and tear is inevitable, but timely maintenance can help prevent repairs.

Also, please note that BBCARGO is only intended for driving on level ground. Avoid bumps and unpaved roads, especially when the bike is loaded. Never drive up or down high curbs, as this can result in rim or frame breakage.


How many kids can I fit in the box?

BBCARGO offer different types of solutions. It is possible to transport up to three kids with the combination of our BBCARGO Folding Seat and the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Seat (suitable for kids between the age of 2 – 6 years).

Where can I get a test ride?

Check out DEALERSHIPS in the menu to get an overview of our dealers.

What if I don’t have a dealer close to me?

Contact the BBCARGO head office at +45 54 58 43 42 to make an appointment for a showing.

Are there finance options available for the BBCARGO?

Our partner, JOOLL, offers leasing through salary. Check out our cargo bikes on their website

How long does delivery take?

At the moment, we can deliver your BBCARGO within 7 days of purchase.

How do I service the BBCARGO?

We recommend using an authorised BBCARGO dealer for service and maintenance.

Regular servicing is an important part of keeping your bike safe. All BBCARGOs are delivered fully assembled and are always thoroughly tested before they leave the factory. 

Download our manual for more details on service and maintenance.

How can I best prevent my BBCARGO from being stolen?

We recommend having ABUS Ringlock mounted with the combination of ABUS Frame Lock Chain along with a separate certified chain lock. 

Connect the chain locks to a large immovable object and bring your battery with you. We always advise having insurance for your cargo bike.

How much can I maximum load the BBCARGO?

The BBCARGO is developed and tested for a driver’s max weight of up to 100 kg and a maximum payload of 150 kg in the cargo area.

Where is BBCARGO made?

The BBCARGO is built in Frederikshavn, in the northern part of Denmark using primarily parts from danish sub-suppliers.

Every bike is carefully built and individually cared for by one builder, from start to finish. Building the BBCARGO is tenuous and takes up to 16 hours.



BBCARGO offers a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

All cargo bikes from BBCARGO are always tested thoroughly before they leave the factory, to ensure that the bike’s quality is top-notch. If a bike turns out to have parts that do not meet the quality requirements, BBCARGO can always help.


If there is a fault or a break in the frame, or if any of the other parts of the bike break, it is a good idea to bring the bike back to the shop where a bike mechanic can inspect it. In special cases, the bike can be sent back to BBCARGO and replaced with a new one. This must always be arranged in advance with an employee of BBCARGO.

Wear & tear

Wear parts are not covered by the warranty. Tires, brake pads, brake levers, brake discs, cables, pedals, and saddle are subject to wear and tear and are therefore not covered by the warranty. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects in the frame and in the way it is constructed and does not cover the surface finish/coating of the frame and its accessories. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, malfunctions, or faults caused by misuse, neglect of maintenance, alteration, modification, accident, or abuse. Warranty repairs must be carried out by BBCARGO in Denmark or at a certified Shimano Service Center at BBCARGO’s expense. All warranty repairs must be arranged in advance with an employee of BBCARGO. Associated shipping costs are borne by the customer. For further questions, contact us at


The warranty only covers defects that the bike may have on delivery. Therefore, check the bike thoroughly before use. Subsequent damage or changes to the bike, as a result of the various circumstances listed below, do not entitle you to coverage under the warranty.

– Wear parts are not replaced in time.

– Use in a harsh environment. Exposure to water, salt, soil, and dust.

– Mishandling of the bike or unintended use.

– Neglected service check. It is the bike owner’s responsibility to ensure that the bike undergoes the recommended check-ups.

– Installation of components not intended for the bike. Incorrect installation or adjustment of parts such as handlebars, stem, seat post, saddle, gearshift, brakes, and tilt function. For example, if the parts are not tightened to the correct torque.


Service Schedule

Regular service checks are an important part of keeping the bike safe. Failure to comply with the service inspection will void the warranty.

In addition to servicing, performing minor maintenance on important components may be necessary. This is especially true if the bike is ridden over 1000 km annually. We recommend getting the bike serviced every 1000 km. The total distance can be read on the computer. Press button A until the distance is displayed on the screen.

Mandatory service

The first service is mandatory and is scheduled after 3 months or 500 km – whichever comes first. Here, the bike’s vital parts and important components must be thoroughly inspected. Failure to comply with this inspection will result in the warranty being voided.

Annual service

The annual service is scheduled annually or every 1000 km – whichever comes first. Here, the bike’s vital parts and important components must be thoroughly inspected. In addition, Shimano’s e-bike system should be checked for any error messages or updates. At the same time, the bike’s bolts and nuts should be removed, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled. All moving parts must be inspected, cleaned, and lubricated.

The annual service helps to extend the life of the bike and ensure a high level of safety.


Regular cleaning of the bike helps prolong its lifespan. Use regular water and a soft sponge. Be careful around the motor and electronic parts as these parts may be damaged by large amounts of water.

Wear parts

Like any other bike, there are also wear parts on the BBCARGO. These parts will wear out with normal use and will eventually need to be replaced. How often this is necessary depends on usage, maintenance, and weather conditions. Below are examples of what wear parts can be:

  • Brake calipers
  • Brake discs
  • Cables
  • Tires
  • Drive belt
  • Pedals
  • Saddle

Download the complete wear parts list below.

File download