Enhance your e-cargo bike experience with the BBCARGO Click-On KALECHE. Designed for convenience and durability, it provides weather protection and easy access.

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The BBCARGO Click-On KALECHE is the ultimate accessory to elevate your e-cargo bike experience. Designed with convenience and durability in mind, this KALECHE offers exceptional protection from the elements while ensuring effortless access and exit.

Securing the KALECHE is a breeze, thanks to the press-on push buttons located on the exterior top of the box. With a simple click, you can securely fasten the KALECHE, providing a dry and safe ride for your cargo.

The front and top piece of the KALECHE features a reliable zipper system, enabling you to effortlessly roll up the entire piece. This convenient design allows for easy access or swift exit for your children or cargo. The zippers are carefully chosen for their extra strength, ensuring long-lasting functionality that stands up to regular use.

The BBCARGO Click-On KALECHE is constructed from durable outdoor material, known for its ability to withstand even sailing conditions. Produced in collaboration with an experienced sailmaking craftsman, the KALECHE benefits from their expertise and commitment to quality.

With the most durable materials and zippers, the BBCARGO Click-On KALECHE is built to endure various weather conditions and everyday use.

Upgrade your e-cargo biking adventures with the BBCARGO Click-On KALECHE and experience superior protection, easy access, and long-lasting durability. Ride with confidence, knowing your cargo is shielded and your journeys are enhanced by this exceptional accessory.

This KALECHE is compatible with box BASIC or box DOOR.

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