BBCARGO Flex Rider Plate

The BBCARGO Flex Rider is the first e-cargo bike with a frame that enables two drive modes. Choose between ‘Static’ for a classic cargo bike experience or ‘Dynamic’ for a faster and more dynamic ride.

The Flex Rider is equipped with a plate on the cargo area, so you can easily fasten any cargo with straps through the fastening holes on the side of the frame.

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BBCARGO is an e-cargo bike designed to meet your transportation needs in a safe and sustainable way.

The bike is designed with a focus on sustainability, which means it is made from recycled and eco-friendly materials. The strong cargo-specific motor from Shimano ensures the bike has a high performance even uphill.

The Flex Rider is the first e-cargo bike of its kind, able to switch between two drive modes. ‘Static’ resembles the classic cargo bike experience and ‘Dynamic’, where the rear frame tilts with the turns, makes for a faster and more dynamic riding experience.

This model is fitted with a plate on the cargo area, enabling you to transport anything you might need or mount a box of your own. Fasten your cargo with straps, through the fastening holes on the side of the frame.

Safety is a top priority for BBCARGO. That is why the bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on all three wheels, providing reliable braking power so you can brake safely when necessary.

If you need to transport children, the box can be equipped with Thule child seats, which are considered some of the safest on the market, allowing you to transport your children in a secure and safe way.

One of the unique advantages of BBCARGO is its customization options. The bike can be customized to your specific needs, and if your needs ever change, the box can easily be replaced with a different box.

You can switch from a box with a door to a different box, simply by unscrewing 4 screws in the bottom. This gives you a versatile and flexible bike that can be used for many purposes.

BBCARGO’s exclusive design and quality ensure that you stand out from the crowd. It is made from high-quality materials and has a solid construction, ensuring a long lifespan.

We are known to have outstanding customer service, based in our factory in Frederikshavn, where production also takes place. This way, we can accommodate most requests and adjustments to our products.

The customer service team is highly competent and friendly and they will do their best to ensure you are fully satisfied with your BBCARGO.

BBCARGO is the ideal cargo bike for everyone who wants a sustainable, safe and exclusive way to solve their transportation needs.

With its unique Danish design, safety level, Danish production, customer service and customization options, the BBCARGO will not disappoint. The bike is the perfect combination of functionality, style and sustainability.

This model includes:
✔️ BBCARGO Flex Rider
✔️ BBCARGO PLATE (material)
✔️ Integrated SHIMANO Computer
✔️ Integrated lights front and back
✔️ BBCARGO User Manual

The bike is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Delivery Information (Cargo Bikes)

We prioritize timely and efficient delivery for our cargo bikes, which is why we have partnered with DSV and GLS Express.

The delivery fee for our cargo bikes is 1399 DKK, and once you’ve placed your order, we’ll reach out to you to plan a delivery time that is convenient for you.



Shimano EP8 CARGO 250W


Shimano Down Tube 504 Wh


Shimano Cycle Computer


Gates Carbon Belt Drive


Shimano Nexus 5-Speed


Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Schwalbe Pick-Up


Schwalbe Air Plus


Litemove E-Bike




Shock Absorbing Unisex

Saddle post

BBCARGO 400 mm


BBCARGO 620 mm


Length (Bike)

220 cm

Width (Bike)

95 cm

Height (Bike)

120 cm

Weight (Bike)

48,5 kg

Length (Cargo Area)

83 cm

Width (Cargo Area)

53 cm


150 kg


336 liters

Front wheels


Rear wheel


Additional information

Select frame color

Glossy White, Matte Black, Metallic Gray, Passion Red, Racing Green

Select lock

No Lock, Abus Ringlock, Abus Chain, 100 cm, Abus Chain, 130 cm

Select material

New plastic, Recycled plastic