BBCARGO Folding Seat

The BBCARGO Folding Seat is designed for your convenience and flexibility. It is a simple solution for saving space on the go.

When you need extra room, simply fold it and place it in the bottom or the side of the box.

The BBCARGO Folding Seat fits either 1 adult or 2 children and comes with a high-quality seatbelt so your passengers is safe and secure.

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The BBCARGO Folding Seat is designed for convenience, providing flexibility on the go. With its sturdy and durable construction, the seat provides a comfortable and safe ride for passengers of all ages.

Whether you are commuting, running errands or taking a leisurely ride, the folding seat is a must-have accessory for your BBCARGO.

The seat is fitted with seatbelts that keep your children or friends safely fastened to the seat. The BBCARGO Folding Seat comes with one seatbelt as standard. You can add another seatbelt to your order here

This seat is compatible with box BASIC and box DOOR.

If you need a cover, check out our Click-on COVER or Click-on KALECHE.

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