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3. september 2021

BBCARGO delivers the first cargo bike to Blue Water Shipping.

Earlier this month the very first electric cargo bike left the production facility in Frederikshavn.

The bike was destined for Blue Water Shipping and will be used for transport for the company’s employees around Frederikshavn Harbor.

“At Blue Water, we are dedicated to continuously reducing the environmental impact and make a proactive effort to reduce energy and fuel consumption. The cargo bike is therefore another symbol that we want to increase our green footprint.

“At the same time, I was very impressed with the bike’s qualities and design based on sustainable material choices, and we also support Danish workplaces by choosing a bike from BBCARGO,” says Ole Bøgh Ulriksen, branch director of Blue Water Shipping in Frederikshavn and Aalborg.

Switching from a car or van to an electric cargo bike is not only a more sustainable decision – it is also an ideal opportunity to improve your brand value.

“BBCARGO is a wonderful way for businesses to get their brand out there, with the cargo box effectively a mobile advertisement,” says Uffe A. Olesen, CEO of BBCARGO.

“We’ve seen CO2 emissions cut by around 75 percent – a stat that really resonates with today’s consumer – and, for shorter journeys in busy cities, it’s often quicker than traveling by car or van. You also burn a few calories in the process! It really is a win-win-win.”