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20. august 2021

BODY BIKE’s new sister brand that will redefine eCargo.

With our roots in BODY BIKE, we obviously have an unwavering love for cycling.

BODY BIKE International has unveiled a new business division and brand – BBCARGO – that draws on its expertise in bike design and manufacture to diversify into electric cargo bikes.

BODY BIKE CEO Uffe A Olesen explains: “Our new BBCARGO bike is a departure from our usual fitness sector territory, but we have the capacity in our 12,000sq m Danish factory to produce BBCARGO as well as BODY BIKE and it just feels like the right thing to do.

“eCargo fits perfectly with our company’s sustainable approach; when we develop our products, it’s always with an eye on what we can do to help create a better world”.



BBCARGO is the result of a hand-picked Danish collaboration, with concept creators Uffe A. Olesen and Sabine Højbjerg identifying best-in-class, locally sourced components for a bike that’s built to last. The components are assembled in BODY BIKE’s Danish factory, with the local nature of the entire network ensuring responsiveness and rapid delivery of customised products.

Olesen adds: “We’ve long pushed the limits to create the perfect indoor bike, with each BODY BIKE still carefully hand-crafted in our factory to the highest standards. We knew we had an opportunity to apply that same precision design and construction quality to eCargo.

“In BBCARGO, we’ve created a very special bike indeed. It’s a zero-compromise product that truly delivers what it says on the label and we’re so excited by the road ahead.”